Travel Log: 

Location:  Wyndham Garden Hotel, Fort Walton Beach, FL
Access Point:  30.395542, -86.614990

This weekend found us traveling to the Wyndham Garden Hotel and Conference Center at Fort Walton Beach, FL. I was the guest lecturer at an Army Strong Bond retreat for seventeen amazing Army families stationed at Ft. Rucker, AL. Our adventures are not always roughing it in a tent on a river; sometimes our adventures take us to nice beach front hotels to speak and relax at some of America’s greatest locations. Oftentimes, building sandcastles on the beach until the sun goes down with new friends is just as important as exploring new locations; and perhaps, it is the most important thing we do as a family.

Fort Walton Beach, FL

Access Point Adventures has two main missions, first, to provide some great locations for families to get out there and explore our amazing world; and second, it provides us with a way to speak openly about our passions, and in return we hope it brings value to your life. The stories that we share are a spring board to leap into things that truly matter. The access point is only one part of the adventure. The other part is getting to our location, learning lessons along the way, and creating relationships that last a life time.

Ft. Walton Beach, FL

My lectures this weekend focused on building strong relationships within our families. I shared many of our stories and adventures and the lessons we have learned along the way. Being Father’s day weekend, I was keenly aware of my role as a father and the role my own father plays in my life. As I sat quietly by and watched my son play in the sand and surf with his new friends, I couldn’t help but think about my dad and the adventures he took me on. I spent a lot of time camping, fishing, and hiking with my dad. As a matter of fact, most of my powerful memories are the times we spent exploring this amazing world. From summiting the high peaks of Utah to backpacking Jacob Hamlin’s Arch, I will be ever grateful to my dad for helping me become a man through his example of adventure and exploration. I can only hope that the adventures my son experiences will lead him into manhood making great choices, meeting amazing people, and experiencing this magnificent place we call home.

The heart of a father is a masterpiece of nature.

Abby Prevost

God bless our fathers who teach about life, one adventure at a time!

Safe Travels,



Troy is a husband, father, outdoor enthusiast, pastoral care provider, scholar, and musician who currently lives in lower Alabama. He seeks to find the answers to life's most difficult questions through his outdoor pursuits and adventures. Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, a Master of Arts in Humanities, a Master of Religion in Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctorate of Education in Pastoral Counseling. He is a Board Certified Chaplain through the American Association of Professional Chaplains and currently is the director of the Family Life Counseling Center at Fort Rucker, AL.

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