Hot Springs, Arkansas is One Cool Place

Hot Springs, ArkansasTravel Log: 

Location:  Hot Springs, Arkansas
Access Point:  34.4923004,-93.0571505

We recently made a journey to Hot Springs, Arkansas, located an hour southwest of Little Rock, for a family vacation and for our son to compete at the ATA World’s Championship.  The championship took place in Little Rock.  We wanted to take our motorhome to stay in, and we wanted a nice RV park to stay in that had a pool.  We couldn’t find any in the Little Rock area, so we started researching surrounding areas.  Troy remembered one of his co-workers telling him that if we were ever near Hot Springs, Arkansas to check it out. After looking at the map, we realized that Hot Springs was not that far of a drive from Little Rock.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

We started looking for RV parks in that area.  We ended up finding Catherine’s Landing, which is an RVC Outdoor Destination, and we had stayed at two of their other locations in the past.  We knew that this RV park would be a great place to stay.  The accommodations and the amenities are superb at all the RVC Outdoor Destinations we have stayed at.  We highly recommend planning a getaway to one of their locations.  If you don’t have an RV to stay in, you can rent one of their cottages or yurts (not all the destinations have yurts, but Catherine’s Landing does).  Catherine’s Landing is located on Lake Catherine where you can launch your boat or kayaks and spend a day out on the water.  We didn’t bring our kayaks this time since most of our time would be spent at the tournament.  We did manage to get in some pool time though!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

We spent four days in the Hot Springs area.  We spent one day relaxing from our drive there…610 miles from our house in a motorhome….makes for slower travel than driving a regular car.  The next day we spent in downtown Hot Springs which houses Hot Springs National Park.  We explored the National Park for several hours.  We took a tour of the old Fordyce Bathhouse and enjoyed a walk around the downtown area.  We strolled along the Grand Promenade Trail which sits above the National Park on the hillside and enjoyed the greenery and views of the historic buildings.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

We stopped at several small thermal springs and felt the extremely hot water.  We made our way into the gift shop where we purchased a souvenir water bottle.  Then we found one of the water faucets where you can fill up your water bottles with the scorching hot water.  We then took it back to the RV and put it in the fridge to drink later.  Canyon called the water “spirit water” and drank it before his tournament to get energized.  I wanted to go Buckstaff Baths and soak in one of the traditional bathtubs, but with the sweltering, muggy heat outside, it didn’t sound that refreshing to me.  I think we need to make a winter trip to Hot Springs….soaking indoors in a bath full of steamy hot water with a cold outside temperature sounds more relaxing to me.

While we were downtown, we stopped at Fat Bottomed Girl’s Cupcake Shoppe and partook of several flavors of cupcakes.  We love cupcakes, and these were delicious!  We also journeyed up the hillsides and went on the park’s scenic drives.  It was nice to feel like we were traveling up into the mountains.  We have always lived near large mountains, and now living in the Deep South makes us miss the mountains.  Hot Springs and Little Rock are culturally hip and diverse areas.  It is a very different atmosphere in Arkansas than here in lower Alabama, where we currently live.  We met a lot of great people at the RV park and spent time with people from all over the world at the tournament.  Next year we will be returning for the tournament.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

One place needed mentioning is McClard’s BBQ restaurant.  We love BBQ more than we love cupcakes! Canyon ate ribs that were the size of his head! That boy loves his ribs and McClard’s didn’t disappoint him. Troy and I both had the beef sandwiches, and they were huge and delicious.

The advice that we were given to make sure we check out Hot Springs, Arkansas, is advice we pass on to you as well.  Put this one on the to-do list!  You won’t be disappointed!  For next year, we have our list of things to do that we missed this first visit.

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