Pacific Ocean Kayak Fishing

Travel Log: 

Location: Pacific Grove Marine Garden Park, California
Access Point: 36°38’07.9″N 121°55’39.1″W
Length: 2-3 hours13103269_10208983265606397_1359936283671458913_n

With a move from lower Alabama to Northern California, our adventures have changed drastically. The smooth, shallow, and warm waters of the Gulf and the Florida Panhandle have been traded for the cold, deep, and somewhat dangerous waters of the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay. After spending nearly three years with golden tans, bare feet, and powdery white sand, it is a challenging change to utilize full body wetsuits, rugged water shoes, and battle rocky shores with crashing surf. It is as if we have arrived on a different planet. This seemingly different planet is not only amazing but offers an entirely new perspective on kayaking and kayak fishing.

After a few weeks of studying the local sea life, the weather patterns, surf reports, ocean swell size, and tides we traveled to our new access point We armed ourselves with new fishing gear, wetsuits, tackle and a ton of newly acquired knowledge. Once maneuvering the kayak over the seawall and literally dragging it to the waters edge, my son and I launched into our new adventure.

Lingcod teeth

Our first adventure on the water was incredible. From the whales that passed by to say hello to the sea otter welcoming us to his world, the day could not have been better. The ocean swells – giant hills of water – made for a few nerve-racking minutes. However, once we settled into the flow, found a deep outcropping of rocks, it was “fish on” the rest of the day!

Thanks to all of our new friends here in the Bay and the knowledge they provided to us, we had an excellent first day of kayak fishing Monterey Bay style. We look forward to many more days on the water here in Northern California.

Safe Travels! – Troy

Ground fish

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