Travel Log: 

Location: Chaires Creek at Bald Point State Park, Florida
Access Point: 29°55’29.1″N 84°21’44.9″W
Length: 5 miles, roundtrip

Chaires Creek Bald Point State ParkChaires Creek to Ochlockonee Bay was an amazing day on the water! We spent six hours paddling and exploring this beautiful creek and marsh that empties into the bay. Although we did not catch any fish, many big fish make this creek their home. Finding this access point is not easy. The maps will tell you to travel into Bald Point State Park, which we did, only to find out that we should have turned miles before the main park entrance off of Alligator drive towards Chaires Creek bridge and Tucker Lake. Once on this road take the gravel road to the right, just before the bridge. There is a small sign indicating a boat ramp. This access point will take you directly into tucker lake and a short paddle around a sandbar into the creek and under the bridge.

Chaires Creek would make for a wonderful overnight kayak trip. A primitive campground can be found approximately one mile from the access point at 29°56’27.2″N 84°21 ‘15.3″W  This campsite is maintained by the State Park.Chaires Creek Bald Point State Park

During our trip to Chaires Creek a stiff headwind was our challenge on the way back. The current and the wind gave us a good work-out on the way back, but slow and steady saw us back to the landing. We did not spend a great deal of time in the bay, just enough time to have some lunch, fish a few oyster beds, and then back up the creek we went. A few more miles to the south, once in the bay, could land you on a great beach at Bald Point State Park.

Chaires Creek Bald Point State Park


All in all this was a a great place to paddle with many fun places to explore. I would highly recommend this trip!  Chaires Creek at Bald Point State Park is great place to spend a warm sunny Florida day with family and friends!

Safe Travels, TroyChaires Creek Bald Point State Park


Troy is a husband, father, outdoor enthusiast, pastoral care provider, scholar, and musician who currently lives in lower Alabama. He seeks to find the answers to life's most difficult questions through his outdoor pursuits and adventures. Troy holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education, a Master of Arts in Humanities, a Master of Religion in Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctorate of Education in Pastoral Counseling. He is a Board Certified Chaplain through the American Association of Professional Chaplains and currently is the director of the Family Life Counseling Center at Fort Rucker, AL.

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