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Location: Fort Davis National Historic Park, Fort Davis, Texas
Access Point: 30.597932,-103.892014
Length: Plan about 2 hours

Fort Davis National Historic Site

Fort Davis National Historic Site

One of our favorite historic sites to visit in Texas is Fort Davis.  We have lived in El Paso, TX two different times in the past and this is a gem we found while living in the area.  Canyon has a love for history and getting to visit actual historic sites just increases his interest of past events.  As soon as you step your foot out of your car, you can feel a sense of wonderment of life that once existed in this barren area.  Fort Davis is located in the dry desert Texas landscape.  It is hard for me to image life in the hot summer heat with no air conditioning and no amenities during that time. It is amazing to be able to walk through the renovated buildings and to try and picture those that once lived there.  One particular building that really stands out to me is the hospital.  To walk the hallways, peek into rooms once occupied by ill patients, and to see the medical instruments once used to treat the sick is almost too much to bear.  I’m glad for the medical advances that have been made!  An interesting fact about that hospital is that it was considered to be one of the most up-to-date medical treatment centers west of San Antonio (

Fort Davis National Historic Site

I love walking through all the old homes and seeing the antique furniture, musical instruments, and children’s games.  Canyon had a great time doing the Junior Ranger activities and looking for hidden objects among all the restored buildings. There are many trails around the area for hiking and getting different views of Fort Davis.  If you are in the mood for military history, check out Fort Davis National Historic Site.  Plan on spending several hours to explore all the buildings, watch the videos in the visitor center, hike a few trails, and take lots of photos.  Make sure you take some water to keep hydrated in the dry climate.

There is a lot of amazing things to see in the Fort Davis area.  You could easily spend 3 – 4 days sightseeing and exploring!

Fort Davis National Historic Site

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