Travel Log:
Location: Cypress Spring, Holmes Creek
Access Point: Culpepper Landing, Vernon, FL
Length:  2 miles roundtrip

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

Cypress Springs is located on Holmes Creek near Vernon, FL. Our access point for this paddling trip was from the Culpepper Landing, two miles from Vernon, FL on CR277. From Vernon, head north on CR277 and make a left hand turn onto Culpepper Lane. Follow the paved road down to Holmes Creek. There is a cement boat launch and a decent sized parking lot. From the boat ramp, you will paddle about a mile upstream to Cypress Springs. There is a tree with a small sign pointing the way up to the spring. If you miss the turn off, you will be heading towards Cotton Landing.

The creek was a tea color and a little murky due to heavy rains in the area over the past few weeks. Once we reach the spring, the water was a crystal blue color. The temperature of the water was freezing cold, but we still took a dip and cooled ourselves off. It was a hot muggy day and the water was refreshing!

This is a natural spring that is considered a magnitude 2. The water was moving quite steadily out of the spring. The land around Cypress Springs is privately owned by Nestle Waters.  It is fenced off, but there is a beach to pull up on.  When we were there, the Saturday of Memorial weekend, the beach area was packed with boats and people, but we ended up anchoring just off the shore in the shallow water and swimming from our kayaks. This made for great practicing of boarding the kayaks in deeper water.  I’m sure I was quite the site to see trying to figure out how to get back on my kayak.  I’ve never tipped a kayak over, so my skills in boarding it in deeper water are lacking!  I did manage to get back on just not too gracefully!

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

On the far end of the spring, there is a tree you can climb where a rope swing awaits you.  Grab a hold and launch yourself into the cool water below!  We saw one girl who didn’t let go of the rope and she slammed back into the tree.  Then another girl chickened out after climbing up and she quickly climbed back down.  We didn’t try the rope swing this time, maybe one of us will do it on a return trip.

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

Cypress Springs is a hangout for the local residents.  There are small motorized boats on the creek, so be alert at all times as there are many turns and bends.  The creek is lined with Cypress tress and makes a great canopy overhead.  Keep your eyes peeled for beehives that may be hanging from branches. If you are looking for a short trip to beat the summer heat, we highly recommend checking out Cypress Springs.  Don’t forget to pack a lunch and your snorkel gear!

Paddling to Cypress Springs, Holmes Creek

Holmes Creek Cypress Springs

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