Travel Log:
Location: Country Best Farm
Access Point:  1711 Moates Rd, Enterprise, AL
Length: 1 – 1  1/2 hours

This morning Canyon and I ventured out to pick peaches at Country Best Farm in Enterprise, AL.  Here in Alabama the fruit comes on earlier than what I’m used to.  I’m used to picking fruit in the late summer to early fall, so getting fresh peaches this early is a real treat. We meet up with a group of friends, gave the kiddos their buckets, and got ready to go pick some peaches.  First, Miss Nancy, the owner, came out to meet us and to visit with us.  She is a very sweet lady who loves the children.  She shared information about the farm and about her sweet son.  After a visit with Miss Nancy, and a stop to check on the blueberry bushes (which are almost ready to pick, we did get to sample a few that were ripe), the kiddos took off towards the peach trees.Peaches at Country Best Farm The first thing I noticed when we arrived at all the row of peaches were their beautiful red orange color.  The trees were covered in peaches from top to bottom.  Some of the branches were weighed down because of the abundance of peaches growing.  We were lucky today because there was a thick cloud cover and a cool breeze that made it bearable to be outside.  The last few days have been really hot and muggy, so it was refreshing to have a little coolness to the air.


Peaches at Country Best Farm Canyon immediately starting picking peaches off the first tree he saw.  We ventured deeper into what seemed like a never-ending maze of peach trees.  The red-orange hue of the peaches stood out among all the green leaves.  My mouth was watering as many different peach recipes ran through my mind…peaches and cream, Dutch oven peach cobbler, peach smoothie with frozen yogurt.  Is your mouth watering yet? Canyon and I also managed to pick a few strawberries that were hiding in the bushes.  The peak for strawberry season was about a month ago, but we still found some at the base of the plants.  There will be peas, corn, tomatoes, blueberries, and pears coming soon.  Check Country Best Farm’s Facebook page for updates on what is currently available. I highly recommended checking out Country Best Farm.  We paid a $1.00/pound to pick our own.  They also have some already picked fruit, a small selection of vegetables, homemade cookies, homemade ice cream, and while we were there, they were putting out homemade chicken salad.  Canyon had the homemade vanilla ice cream and said it was tasty.  Canyon gives Country Best Farm two thumbs up!

Peaches at Country Best Farm

Peaches at Country Best FarmJourney on, Annette


Annette is a wife, mother, teacher, and travel partner. She loves traveling and exploring the outdoors with her husband and two kids. Annette has a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences Education and has taught in various education settings. She is the creative force in the family with a passion for sewing, art projects, baking, and photography.

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